Sunday, February 26, 2006


I wanted to make a video entry again, but I don't know what to say. Since the previous video entry, what's cat died, I think I've already mentioned that but I'm not sure; I interpreted at a Star Trek convention, I do that twice a year at two different cons, and I actually enjoy it. Some interpreters might think working at a Star Trek convention is silly, but I enjoy it. Honestly, I appreciate the opportunity to go, because I'm a sci-fi fan myself so I like that I can get in for free, and they pay for my hotel room, plus I get to interpret for TV and movie actors. Most interpreters don't have the opportunity to interpret for famous people often, so I like that.

Another thing that happened - do you remember my Firefox video? I won an award for that! I got a $50 gift card from, plus a backpack that I think matches - huh, that was weird, it seems like something went wrong with the video. Anyway, I thought it would match the bag they have at the Firefox store, but it's a different one, not exactly the same. It's not built for computers, but I still like it, and [unintelligible] - I'm trying to think what else happened.

I don't know why my video is screwed up, I'm watching it and it seems like it's not working right. Okay, I'm going to stop - there, it just did it again! That's enough for now, I'm going to stop, see you all later, bye.