Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Blah Blah, Philadelphia

Hi everybody, I wanted to make a short video blog to let you know I'm not dead yet. Actually, very few people watch my video blog, I use Feedburner - oh, this is Mischa, I don't think you've been introduced to him yet, but he just came in and he's sitting on my lap and - ow, he got me with his claws. Anyway, I use Feedburner for my statistics - OW - and it shows zero subscribers. But I finally found my camera again and I can make video blog entries if I can come up with something to say.

This weekend I'm planning to go to Philadelphia again for an interpreting job, leather interpreting again. And I'm looking forward to it and kind of not, because it's goig to be a long drive for short job. I asked for a hotel room because I'm not really willing to drive home the same night. The event is supposed to end at 10:30, I'm not driving home the same night.

Anyway, that's my short and sweet video blog, see you all next time. Bye now.