Sunday, September 10, 2006

High Tea at the Ritz

I decided wanted to tell you about my day, but not by typing it. I'd rather tell you in ASL. Today was my wife's birthday, and she wanted to go to the Ritz Carlton ... that was my wife! Anyway, she wanted to go to the Ritz Carlton hotel for high tea, it's very fancy. The total cost was over $300 for the five of us for high tea. We really did enjoy it, but unfortunately that was the biggest meal I've had since the beginning of 2006! Oh! Excuse me. See, that's what happens when you come when I'm filming. See, that's what happens, you get grabbed. OUCH! Oh that hurt, his claw got me in the leg! Anyway, high tea was great, but it was the biggest meal I've had since the beginning of 2006. When it was over I felt nauseous and sick because I'd eaten so much. We had hamburgers - wait, that's the wrong sign! We had sandwiches, uh...sweets, like scones and cake, champagne, tea of course, a fancy thing with strawberries all over it and whipped cream on it...I really liked it but that was the last part of the meal and I was so overwhelmed that I couldn't eat everything! I really enjoyed high tea, I'd like to go all the time but it's so expensive. The cheapest option for one person was... $25? $30? And that's just for tea and sweets. With sandwiches it's $38, and with the strawberries and champagne I think it was $48 per person. That's why, for the five of us, it was over $300 with tip. So that's the story of my day - whoa, I just noticed on my white skirt a little bit of blood because of the cat. Anyway, that's the end of my video blog for September 10th 2006. See you later, bye bye!

I just realize I signed the same way twice - "[cocktail]" No, I meant champagne. Not cocktails, that was wrong, please excuse me. My brain is loopy, I said hamburgers when I meant sandwiches, and cocktails when I meant champagne! So that's the end after all, bye bye!

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