Monday, December 26, 2005

Pajamas and Wu

Hello! Welcome to my second video blog. I know I'm still using Windows format, but I tried a software called Vlog It and it really didn't work. That software only publishes Flash, plus it only publishes to that company's server...and I really didn't like that.

It's strange, two people gave me pajamas for Xmas. My wife gave me pajamas with Happy Bunny, and her parents gave me pajamas with Hello Kitty. But really, I never use - er, never wear - pajamas anyway! Weird.

Tonight we're going to see King Kon...Kong. I'm not really interested in it myself but I'm going to go anyway.

I really need to think up more topics - more interesting topics for my video blog. But for now I'm just going to show you my cat Wu.

[30 seconds of Wu footage]

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