Monday, May 01, 2006

Signs, Gallaudet, Amanita

I wanted to make a brief video for Kit and Kyle. I want to explain two signs. The first one is butch, that's the sign I use for butch, I've also seen another sign that looks kind of like the sign for Canada, maybe boichick can answer about that. The other sign is, the first one I described is feminine, I've seen that, and the second sign is feminine. That's using the F handshape, feminine. Okay, now, about the new Gally president, I've heard complaints, people are saying oh, it's bad that she was raised orally, but it doesn't really matter if her background is signing or oral, what matters now is her current preference. If her parents decided they wanted her to be raised orally, then it wasn't her decision. Okay, now, for the final part of my video, a brief introduction, I want to show you all my cat Amnanita, she's the one my webpage is named for.

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